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FIGHT TO THE FINISH: Home Season 2015 recap

By cmaxrd, Aug 13 2015 09:39AM

C-Max Roller Derby League's second ever Home Season is no over. It has been another incredible season with our home teams, Raging Warmones, Slam Damsels and Thundering Hellcats bringing a new level of athleticism, strategy and competition to the track.

The Raging Warmones skated away with the Championship trophey for another year after a decisive victory across the season, winning all their games with a high level of play. This year saw the Slam Damsels graduating from the 'baby' team of last year to a team that stood up to the mighty veterans of C-Max. They made the championship playoffs but were just unable to make a dent in an exceptional Warmone line-up. The Thundering Hellcats had a slower start to the season with big line-up changes to last years season, but found their feet throughout to bring some exceptional derby to the track in some of their final games.

We have enjoyed every game and every moment of this season and we have been delighted to share it with all our fans, who once again have showed incredible unending support for the league.

Thank you too to our amazing Referee and NSO crew who put together professional and seamless games, working hard to improve the level of roller derby in SA across the board.

We can not wait for what the 2016 Home Season will bring. New players, new skills and strategy and we are sure an even higher level of competition.

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