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By cmaxrd, Aug 13 2015 09:39AM

C-Max Roller Derby League's second ever Home Season is no over. It has been another incredible season with our home teams, Raging Warmones, Slam Damsels and Thundering Hellcats bringing a new level of athleticism, strategy and competition to the track.

The Raging Warmones skated away with the Championship trophey for another year after a decisive victory across the season, winning all their games with a high level of play. This year saw the Slam Damsels graduating from the 'baby' team of last year to a team that stood up to the mighty veterans of C-Max. They made the championship playoffs but were just unable to make a dent in an exceptional Warmone line-up. The Thundering Hellcats had a slower start to the season with big line-up changes to last years season, but found their feet throughout to bring some exceptional derby to the track in some of their final games.

We have enjoyed every game and every moment of this season and we have been delighted to share it with all our fans, who once again have showed incredible unending support for the league.

Thank you too to our amazing Referee and NSO crew who put together professional and seamless games, working hard to improve the level of roller derby in SA across the board.

We can not wait for what the 2016 Home Season will bring. New players, new skills and strategy and we are sure an even higher level of competition.

By cmaxrd, Jul 8 2015 11:58AM

C-Max Roller Derby is very lucky to be supported by the amazing folk at Sublimated FX here in Joburg. As one of the sponsors of the Joburg All Stars, they have been working together with members of the team to design and develop Roller Derby specific uniforms. We all know that Roller Derby is about looking badass, feeling confident, celebrating the power of women and embracing our identity whilst also being practical and functional. Our uniforms are hard wearing, individual and really, really comfortable. In fact we loved them so much that both the Slam Damsels and the Raging Warmones ordered new tops for the 2015 Home Season!

We are really excited to be working on developing more products with them and not just for Roller Derby but for other sports too. If you would like to know more about working with them on specific sports wear or how to order your own Roller Derby uniform you can find them at sublimatedfx.co.za or email them info@sublimatedfx.co.za

Here are some pics of us looking snazzy in our new kit. Thanks again Sub FX, you guys are the best!

By cmaxrd, Jul 8 2015 09:50AM

We survived Survivor 2014 Bootcamp with the bootylicious Booty Queen and Me Shove You Long Time from the Texas Rollergirls.

The Survivor 2014 Bootcamp may have been back in July but here at C-Max (and we hope across the country) we are still benefiting from the incredible skills and drills that our amazing guests from Texas left us.

This year's Survivor (last year was the first) saw itself double in size with over 100 participants from across South Africa. C-Max was incredibly proud to host this amazing three day bootcamp and delighted to be able to support the growth and learning of Roller Derby in SA.

It was brilliant to be able to compete with and against skaters from different leagues as well as get the opportunity to develope ourselves as athletes along the way.

Survivor weekend also played host to the 2nd round of Team ZA (the South African National Roller Derby Squad) tryouts, which culminated in a nailbitting bout on the Saturday night.

We are already planning Survivor 2015 which we hope will be even bigger and better and we can not wait to see who will be learning, playing and partying with. The future of SA derby is truly exciting. Hope to see you there!

By cmaxrd, Feb 19 2015 01:28PM

We get judged on a daily basis for being too different from the standards set by society, which can really get a clumsy, shy, introverted girl down.

Starting derby has changed my life in more ways than I could possibly imagine. It has given me friends for life, shown me that it doesn’t matter what you look like or what your job title is. It has helped me celebrate and express my uniqueness and individuality.

But what makes me so proud to be part of this crazy derby family is that I have gained more confidence than I have ever had in my life. Walking tall, accepting myself for who I am and the strong woman that derby has helped me become.

Molly Roodt

C-Max Rec League

Click here for details on how to join the C-Max Rec League.

Molly, aka. Molly Murder joined the C-Max Recreational League in March 2014. She has now just become a fully fledged member of the C-Max main league and one of our amazing rookies.

By cmaxrd, Oct 3 2014 12:30PM

Official Statement from the WFTDA:


C-Max Roller Derby League Accepted as Women’s Flat Track Derby Association Apprentice.

Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa— The Women’s Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA) is proud to announce today that [League Name] has been accepted as an “Apprentice” affiliate of the WFTDA, the governing body for women's amateur flat track roller derby.

"We are beyond excited and honoured to now be part of the WFTDA. This is a momentous occasion for C-Max but also for South African (and African) Roller Derby. We look forward to working through our apprenticeship and becoming full WFTDA members in the near future." Pippa Van Welie, Vice Chair, C-Max Roller Derby League.

As an Apprentice affiliate of the WFTDA, C-Max RDL joins the ranks of more than 300 all-female, skater-owned-and-operated leagues worldwide that have united to lead the growing sport of women's flat track roller derby.

WFTDA apprentice leagues are matched with veteran member leagues who guide them in the processes and requirements necessary to become a full member of the Association. WFTDA Apprentice leagues are considered “pre-members” of the WFTDA and have access to many of the resources and benefits of full WFTDA membership.

"C-Max RDL is already making plans for their apprenticeship. The Joburg All Stars, C-Max's travel team, will be competing in Texas this December and the league is working on hosting teams in South Africa in 2015."

About the WFTDA

The Women’s Flat Track Derby Association is the governing body for women’s flat-track roller derby, and a membership organization for the leagues to collaborate and network. The organization created and maintained the first standardized ruleset for the flat-track game, now in its fourth edition. The WFTDA also serves as the sanctioning body for games, hosts tournaments, sets safety standards and provides insurance to athletes and leagues. There are currently 273 WFTDA member leagues and more than 100 apprentice leagues worldwide.

About C-Max Roller Derby League

C-MAX RDL is a non-profit, non-racial sporting club dedicated to promoting the sport of Flat Track Roller Derby. C-MAX Roller Derby League supports, encourages and develops skaters in their skating ability, whilst promoting the values of goodwill and good sporting behavior. C-MAX Roller Derby League strives for excellence in all aspects of Flat Track Roller Derby, with an emphasis on fun, fitness and the promotion of a positive body image.

C-MAX Roller Derby League aims to foster positive relations with Flat Track Roller Derby leagues within South Africa and internationally, and will utilize these relationships to improve and enhance the skills of the C-MAX Roller Derby League Members and to support the growth of Flat Track Roller Derby both locally and internationally.

C-Max Roller Derby League competes on quad skates and under the current WFTDA rules set. Our competitors are women only.