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By cmaxrd, May 14 2014 10:08AM

The Peace Street Sports Centre was absolutely packed with fans on Saturday May 10th for the second bout of C-Max Roller Derby League's home season. The crowd warmed up with a sizzling fire dancing show before the action began.

The Slam Damsels proved themselves a force to be reckoned with at last year's debut bout against fellow new C-Max teams the Savage Sailor Dolls and Hate City. Now they're in the big leagues, and their match-up with the legendary Raging Warmones was the most exhilarating bout so far in this year's home season.

The Raging Warmones need no introduction if you're even vaguely into South African roller derby – one of the oldest teams in C-Max is also one of the most popular. This cheeky team may not take themselves too seriously – but they damn well take their training seriously, and it shows in every single jam.

The Damsels dominated early on (the pre-show Mexican Schwing with the crowd must have bolstered their spirits), but the Warmones rallied and kept up in the first half. Slam Damsels captain Madame Gutterfly's signature apex jump has spread to the whole team, and of course it's an absolute crowd pleaser. The Warmones' incredible jammers, including captain Miss C Malice, co-captain Ling Vom Bot and crowd favourite Sugar Fists gave the team an edge and they led 52-50 at half time.

After a raucous few rounds of push-a-derby-girl at half time, the hard hits were back on.

The Raging Warmones surged ahead in the second half with a 15 point lead in the first few jams. While Damsels jammers Klap Cake, Electri-Kel and Problems made a valiant effort to snatch some points for their team, the Warmones' strength and stamina were insurmountable and their lead widened. The Slam Damsels were 30 points behind when they refocused, and with the help of a power jam, began to catch up.

The Warmones stayed strong through the end and won, with the score being 148 to 136 for the Slam Damsels. The crowd went insane and Warmones and Damsels supporters alike were chuffed to witness this truly excellent game.

The great thing about watching these two teams was not only the amazing skills on show, but the lighthearted comradery between them. The competition may be fierce, but jammers would smile and chat before the start whistle, and there was a massive group hug after the last jam. Not to sound cheesy, but the C-Max sisterhood vibes really showed through this entire bout.

For more big hits and booty shorts, derby fans will have to wait until the next electric home season bout between the Slam Damsels and the Savage Sailor Dolls on the 24th of May.

A big thanks to C-Max sponsor Rush Adventures – you should check them out because they're brilliant.

Written by Dasia Lutova

By cmaxrd, Feb 26 2014 02:15PM

Last month some of our members had the chance to go and volunteer at the Door of Hope charity here in Johannesburg. The organisation does incredible work looking after abandoned babies as well as offering a safe place for mothers to discuss options.

One of the nurseries was it desperate need of a makeover, so the folks from C-Max tackled it just like they do the track, with fierce determination and great success. We are delighted to have been able to help Door of Hope and hope to do more with them later in the year.


By cmaxrd, Feb 26 2014 01:35PM

At the end of last year we decided to start putting on Friday Night Roller Derby (just for funsies) as a way for our skaters to get more track time and bring fun Roller Derby to Johannesburg on a regular basis. Well, the response has been pretty amazing with each monthly event growing in numbers. We have two left this year before our home season starts. The next will be this Friday 28th February at Peace Street Indoor Sports Arena, Modderfontein. Details of our March event will come soon so stay tuned. Friday Night Derby is an awesome way to get up close and personal with C-Max Roller Derby League and a brilliant (and cheap) Friday night experience. It can get a little hectic on those suicide seats though!

The theme for this Friday Night Derby is "To Russia With Love".

"This Friday Night Roller Derby we're giving Sochi the middle finger in our own small way! We support the right to love whoever the hell you want. Come dressed up if it so pleases you (drag, rainbows, whatever) we don't care, just fly that flag high whether you're LGBTI or just a fun-loving ally! As always, get there early to grab those coveted suicide seats because we can only let 250 of you gorgeous creatures through the door. We'll provide the booze, food, roller skating action and (amazing) halftime entertainment. Tickets are R40 at the door.

Girls are love.

Boys are love.

Derby is love.

Love is love."

By guest, Feb 26 2014 01:05PM

C-Max was very lucky to have some of the amazing graffiti artists from The Demolition Squad visit us this weekend to paint some just breathtaking wall art at our venue. Here is a sneak peak at what they did. If you want to see more make sure you come and visit us.

At C-Max we think it is important to support and encourage all forms of individuality and we just love it when folks come and do just that at our venue. We are very, very lucky ladies and guys!